Open Data for Makani


Adopting open data by Geographic Information Systems Department in Dubai Municipality is in line with Dubai Smart Government goals to allow all government and private sectors and individuals to participate together in promoting and achieving Dubai Government strategic goals by providing necessary GIS data to all concerned parties. 

Makani Open Data: 

Open Data for the geographic addressing system “Makani” is hosted and published by Dubai Municipality.

The official Makani data is freely available to everyone to use, share, or distribute for any useful purpose. As long as the users abide by Dubai Municipality’s and Dubai Government’s policies and regulations, this use is not illegal.  Users must be aware of Dubai Government’s rules and policies mentioned below.  

Users can use Makani data in their applications, systems, websites and services as addressing system without any restrictions. 

Users are not allowed to sell Makani data to anyone or any party, but can use it in their applications, even if the application is used for profit as long as these applications are good for the city of Dubai or UAE in a useful way. 

Dubai Municipality reserves the right to modify the content of the Makani open data as part of service enhancements and all the changes shall be mentioned on DM’swebsite.

Dubai Municipality Responsibilities: ​

Dubai Municipality aims to provide data with the highest levels of accuracy and transparency, however, it doesn’t warrant the followings in the worst cases:

Data will be stopped temporarily as a result of any interruption, problem or the data is free from inaccuracies.
In any event, Dubai Municipality is not liable for any damages whatsoever, including, but not limited to any direct, incidental, misuse, consequential, special, exemplary or other indirect damages arising even if Dubai Municipality has been advised of the possibility of such damages or losses out of the following examples: 
Inability to use Makani open data published on this website. 
Inaccuracies in the content of the open data. 
The difficulty of completing any transaction or performing any task conducted through or facilitated by this Open Data

Policy of Open Data Usage:

  1. Users of Open Data are fully responsible for the use or share or re-use of data items published on this website.
  2. Users must not alter the original open data or their source.
  3. Users are strictly not permitted to use the data for political purposes, supporting illegal activities, or any other activity that has a negative impact on the U.A.E.
  4. Users must always include an attribution which specifies Dubai Municipality as the source of the data related to Makani in their documents, websites, apps, etc. 
Open Data Services

If you have created application, service, system or website uses Makani Open Data, kindly Let us know because we are always interested in publishing achievement, showcasing public leveraging open data and share the knowledge with others.

If you have any question or feedback, please Contact us to serve you best.

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