Project Location

​Al Awir, Al Rashidiya, Al Muhaisna

Project Details

​Project Objective:
Establish branch offices of Municipality Centers Department with an architectural identity, from which it provides services to all relevant departments. Dubai Municipality aimed to provide the necessary services to kee.
Project elements:
  • The project consists of a building with two-storey (ground + first), includes a reception area that’s equipped with amenities, and staff offices to serve various departments of the municipality. The offices are designed as open office system viable for development according to the future growth, so it can accommodate the largest number of employees. In addition it is equipped with meeting rooms and office services.
  • General site work and infrastructure work, landscape work.
  • New technologies to match the green building standards.
Built-up area: various and average 1,200 square meters to each building
End User: Dubai Municipality.

 Project Completion Date


  Project Expected Completion Date


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