Project Location

Al Rowaiyah Third

Project Details

​Project Objective: 
The pest control building is a project that will provide pest control's industry hands-on training, and opportunities for pest control techniques and  technologies development.  It is a facility that will prepare  professionally trained employees and certified staff and technicians, in addition to licensing companies to practice this line of work.
The project is divided into separate facilities each of which is allocated for a specific industry-related function. The training environment include workshops, lecture rooms, rats & trial room and training rooms, in addition to other relevant spaces such as storages, locker room and laundry.
Project Element:
  • Main Building, contains 2 levels, ground level which will include main entrance, reception, foremen's office, meeting rooms, lectures room as well as a training room. First floor will contain a big meeting room, offices for head of department, head of sections, specialists, admin, in addition to rooms for inspectors and survey.
  • Laboratories building, contains laboratories for exposure testing, identification, and pesticide analysis. It also contains a sample collection storage, a centralized display area, reading room, small meeting room and training room.
  • Workshops building, includes carpentry, three mechanical rooms, laundry and locker room.
  • Storages building, contains various types of storages such as flour storage, pesticide storage and general storage. It also includes a mixing room and preparation room.
  • Filling building, contains 2 levels, ground level contains a pesticide room, general storage and diesel storage. First floor is designated for the tank area.
  • Rats building, includes rats room and trial room.
  • Other services, such as praying hall, waste facility, fish rearing.
  • General site work and infrastructure work, landscape work.
Total Built Up Area: 6,117 square meter
End User: ​Dubai Municipality.

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