Project Location

Warsan third ​​

Project Details

​​Project objective:
To Develop and provide veterinary health services in the Emirate of Dubai and provide veterinary health support.
Project Elements:
  • Administration Building, consist of Ground + First floor. 
  • Pet Clinics and Laboratory building, the building consist of  Ground & First Floor, provide veterinary clinics, which specializes in pet check-up and therapy where distributed at two of Clinics (Dogs with reptiles & Cats with birds), temporary shelters for pet sections (Dogs, Reptiles, Cats & Birds( and other related facilities.
  • Large Animal Clinics building: the building consist of ground & first Floor, ground floor includes two main department. department of large farm animals clinics (Sheep, goats, Cows, Camels, Horses) which includes entrance, customer service, waiting area, casher, sheep and goats clinics, cows clinics, horses clinics, camels clinics, two of medical operations theaters for small animals and large animal, also contains  department of Stray animals & Department of wild loose animals.
  •  Epidemics Diseases Control Centre
  • General site work and infrastructure work, landscape work.

Total Built Up Area: 7,996 square meters.
End User: Dubai Municipality.


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