Harmful Bottled Water Rumor


Many articles & photos were published on social media claiming that some types of bottled water are harmful for the human body, as some of them are alkaline and others acidic, and that the best ones are alkaline. 

The Answer

Specialists in Food Safety Management Department said that these rumors are not based on scientific facts, studies or accredited sources, and emphasize the following:
  • Any scientific statement must be issued by specialists of the same field, and must be supported by scientific evidence or based on scientific references that are accredited and known.
  • According to UAE and Gulf Standards No. UAE.S GSO 1025: 2014 for bottled water, the pH of water should be between 6.5 - 8.5.
  • The pH in the drinking water is a quality characteristic and has no health effect. Mineral water doesn’t specify the natural pH because natural water has its own acidity according to origin.
  • All products in the local markets are under the supervision of the Food Safety Department, either during manufacturing process, importing or circulation and to being verified that they meet the health standards and specifications, laws and legislation adopted.
The previous tests were reviewed by the Dubai Central Laboratory for the mentioned products. The results of the examination were within the acceptable percentage (6.5-8.5).