Plastic Eggs Rumor

​The Food Safety Department in Dubai Municipality explained that a video clip was recently published in social media claiming that there is a kind of eggs made of plastic material.

The Answer

​Food Safety Department of the Municipality indicated that Plastic at room temperature is solid and melts when it reaches close to 80 deg cel. The substance shown in this video is liquid at room temperature and turns solid and white when it's poured into a pan. What you are seeing isn't plastic, it's an egg! Egg protein coagulates with heat and depending on the temperature, its texture varies. But when an egg isn't fresh, its white will be very runny, almost like water, as you've seen in this video. 

This clarification was made by Dubai Municipality as part of "No More Rumors" initiative launched by the Municipality to reduce the circulation of inaccurate information, which is spread through social media​