The following types of outputs can be provided:

1- Cross sections at a given location showing the different types and depth of soil strata.

2- 3D outputs.

3- Spreadsheet data outputs.

4- Contour maps for a specific stratum or ground water table.

Too many types of data can be provided such as:

1- Chemical data such as sulfates and chlorides contents and pH value for soils and ground water.

2- Engineering properties of soils such as SPT, compressive strength and water permeability.

3- Particle size distribution of soils.

​It refers to a Data Bank program of subsurface soils of the Emirate of Dubai for providing customers with technical data available about the soil layers, geotechnical data, aquifers and the contents of chemical substances that are harmful to reinforced concrete.​

The certificate can be issued within few days after paying the fees and providing all required information with the product sample

​Thermal transmittance is calculated as per EN ISO 6946 entitled "Building components and building elements – Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance – calculation method"​​

The cost of issuing TA certificate depends on the time (in hours) spent in completing the approval process, and it calculated on the base of 174 AED/hour. The total cost is estimated to be 27000 AED This amount does not include the cost of shipping samples to outside laboratories and the costs of examinations and any other costs resulting from visits to factories outside the country for the purposes of technical audit .

If the local environment has no detrimental effects on the material/product having an ETA, With the absence of any other requirements of the municipality in this regard, then the DM TA certificate shall be issued based on the ETA without any further testing. Otherwise some testing may be required to check the effect of the local environment on the characteristics and performance of the material/product. Or to insure the attainment of other DM requirements (if any)

​For materials/products having ETAs and the local environment does not affect them, With the absence of any other requirements of the municipality in this regard ,the TA certificate can be issued within a month time after paying all the fees by the applicant and checking the compliance of the material/product with the requirements of the ETA by our staff. In the absence of such approval, issuing of certificate may take several months depends on the quick response of the client with DM to achieve the certificate requirements and to conduct audit on the factory as well as the time spent on conducting tests either in DM laboratories or approved external laboratories.

​Simply by filling the application form and submitting it to RSMO with all supporting data/information/test reports/research papers…etc.​

Yes, provided that the ETA is current (not expired or about to be expired).​

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