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Can I get agricultural soil from dubai municipality?

Surely. All the residents in Dubai will get soil for a nominal fee of 5 AED . responsibility of transporting the soil from possessing center will be upon the customer. Fill up the form after completing all the requirements detailed in it and send it online after obtaining username and password from Dubai e-government. Following documents should be attached with the application.

  • copy of map of the land
  • passport copy of applicant.
  •  Copy of trade license of the transportation company issued by Dubai economic Development Department. your applications will be studied and proper ones will get perpits within three working days.

The collection of permit is from Environment Department at Abu Hail( Environment Monitoring section). Mfor further information regarding this please contact 046066893.

How can I buy fertilizers produced by Dubai Munincipality?

For that You should present in person or send  representative at the headquarters of the sewage treatment plant in Warsan during working hours  8 am to 1:30 p.m. Please bring buyer’s identity proof (passport – identity card  –  driving -license etc.)​

The concerned officer may enter your  personal data and amount of fertilizer you need and it’s price on the  computer.( for 25 kg bag, you have to pay 10 AED + 10 AED  fee to know each invoice valuable  of AED 50).

Make sure you  have received receipt for money  paid as well as the acknowledgment  of the quantity of fertilizer you purchased from the concerned  officer. Please know that the delivery will be only on Sunday ,Monday and Wednesday.

Go to the stores to receive the fertilizer. Note that transportation of the fertilizer is on your expense and risk.

Why is an unwanted odor of sewage is felt in Al warqa, Global village and Mirdiff areas?

There are many sources of bad smell there. It is not only from the waste water treatment plant there.

How Can I operate a company for collecting and disposing wastage?

  • You should submit an application to get initial approval for business license from the concerned authority.
  • After obtaining it, you may try to get form for activity license from customer service counter at Al Twar center.
  • After filling up the form and attaching required documents with it, you may submit it in counter no 13 there.
  • After studying your application, you will be informed the final decision within 3 days.
  • If it is approved , the applicant will get an official letter to be submitted to the concerned authority for issuance of license.

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