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What are the main communication channels with Dubai municipality?

  • Dubai municipality call center: +971 4 221 555 5
  • Contact Center: 800900
  • Dubai municipality Website
  • Social Media: dubaimunicipality

How do we request for a Test Manually?

  • Register the sample for analysis.
  • Pay the fees of test in advance.
  • A copy of the receipt of examination application form.

What are the work times of the DCL?

​From 7:30 am to 2:30 pm all the week except on Friday and Saturday.

Where is the DCL Location?

At AL Karma, Dubai Central Laboratory next to the Central Post, Administration Building First Floor

Are you allowed to raise animals in homes?

No, not allowed ​

What is the procedure to be followed to establish a temporary desert camp? (Not a Winter temporary camp )

​Must take the initial approvals (from the Department of Planning, Environment and civil defense), then submission of the online permit application of ‘ create temporary desert camp’ , and the required documents included in the application.

When will the opening of wedding halls of the Dubai Municipality? and Where it located?

​صالات الأفراح هم أربعة صالات ،صالة حتا ، صالة اللسيلي ، صالة البرشاء و صالة الطوار ، بالنسبة لصالة الطوار و صالة البرشاء، سلمت البلدية المشروع للشركات المستفيدة ، و متوقع تشغيلها من بداية السنة القادمة ان شاء الله ، و صالة حتا منجزة و جاهزة لاقامة الأفراح ، و صالة اللسيلي فهي متوقع افتتاحها بعد شهر، أما بالنسبة للاستئجار و الحجوزات فلم يتم التحديد بعد (ما أن ستكون تلك القاعة تابعة للبلدية أم لهيئة تنمية المجتمع) ، فالآن قاعتي الطوار و البرشاء تابعين لهيئة تنمية المجتمع ومتوقع ضم قاعة اللسيلي لهم.

Is the bird market opened?

​Yes, for more information please visit Birds & Animal Market Page (My City / Public Markets / Birds and Animals market).

What is the criteria required to join the training program for the rehabilitation of human resources for recruitment (scholarship)?

Standards of scholarship:
​- To be a citizen of the United Arab Emirates.
​- That have passed the high school (scientific section) at a rate of more than 65%
​- To pass the placement tests (Math + English).
​- Can choose between a diploma and bachelor.
​- Municipal bear all the costs of the study.
​- Is granted the student health insurance.
​- A monthly salary of AED 4500.
​- Membership in the club staff of Dubai Municipality.
​- If the student’s graduation certificate diploma, Salary: – 16000 AED.
​- If the student has graduated with a BSc, Salary: – 22000 AED.

What is the timings of Customer service centers in Dubai Municipality?

Please visit Centers of Dubai Municipality Page (Home / My City / Centers of Dubai Municipality)

How can I submit a developmental suggestion regarding services and functions of Dubai Municipality?

​Customers can submit their suggestions through:

  • The link to unified suggestions system available on the main page of Municipality website.
  • By contacting the toll free number 800900 at any time.
  • By visiting complaints and suggestions section with Customer Relations Department in the Main Building.
  • Mailing a letter to Post Box No. 67 Dubai.
  • By sending fax to 042064476.

How I can participate in the bidding for purchase orders of Dubai Municipality?

First, suppliers should have to register with suppliers registration system of Municipality.

Secondly, please subscribe to and submit your quotations.

How do apply for services in Dubai Municipality?

Almost all the services of Dubai Municipality are online. So customers are requested to go through e-service directory available on the official website, to know the procedure, centers, and timings regarding services.

Certain services are delivered through customer services in Al Twar, Al Manara, Al Karama and Hatta centers of Dubai Municipality. Please contact 800900 for more details.

Where should I contact for enquiries regarding Dubai Municipality services?

Customers can call to Contact Center on 800900 for any queries regarding the services. You notifications to Municipality regarding cases such as water leakage, dumping of garbage around the containers, pest problems and unclean conditions in restaurants, also can be done with the contact centers.

How do I get information about the tenders and auctions of Dubai Municipality?

– Advertisements on tenders and auctions are often published in daily news papers like al Arabiyya, Al Ettihad ,Al Khaleej, Khaleej Times, Al Bayan etc.
​- Invitations for registered suppliers will be sent by fax or through e-tendering.

Does Dubai Municipality assure secrecy of my personal information I interned for registration for e-services ?

Surely! Dubai municipality is committed to keep your personal information private in the website.  DM’s policy regarding the collection and sharing in the website is as follows:

  • We collect information only  when it is provided by the costumer voluntarily like in the case of any  application for registration.
  • Municipality is committed to protect your personal information from unauthorized access and using it for illegal purposes. We use high level security technology and keep adequate procedure and regulatory measures for ensuring it.
  • We shall never sell or rent personal information you voluntarily disclosed to us. We won’t share your personal information with any third party at any cost, except which are shared with our departments for procedures to  complete the services you applied for.
  • DM has been awarded the  ISO27001 information security certificate in all its e- services  for ensuring secured  e-services, keeping secrecy and accuracy in information sharing and  for implementing scientifically perfect quality management systems
  • Lastly we advise you to take adequate precautions to protect your information when you are online.
  • To change password very often, making passwords mixing letters and digits and ensuring the security of browser you  use  are  some measures to note.

How can I access to e-services of Dubai Municipality?

Customers may visit and click ‘service’ link for the e-services. All the services that don’t need username and password can be accessed through this link without registration.
And for the services that need username and  password, If  you are not registered earlier, please get registered first in the website as an individual or organization, as per the service needed.
If you already have username and password:

  • Enter with your username and password after confirming the information you input.
  • Click the ‘services’ link.
  • Service window will be open

How can I apply for Dubai Municipality jobs?

  • Application can be sent to Employment service through Municipality website(eJob)​
  • Fill up the form available in the website and attach with it copies of educational and experience certificates.
  • Follow up of application can be done using application number.
  • Applicants eligible with the requirements may be contacted by the authorities

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