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Where can I pay a penalty for reserved cars by Dubai Municipality?

Payment can be in the Office of the cars kink in the municipality (Al Qusais) – Mr. Ibrahim Kalantar.

What is the financial penalty for returned chic for hotels fees?

Penalty set for the discards Chic if retrieved for the first time is AED 500 +10% of the fees to be paid.​

And if discards for the second time penalty is AED 500 +20% of the fees to be paid.​

But if it was returned for the third time, the penalty is AED 500 +40% of the fees to be paid.

What is fees for housing? Why I should pay for it?

5% of the approved lease between the lessor and the lessee is to be paid as fees against the public services provided by Emirate of Dubai

How the fee for drainage and irrigation is calculated in DEWA bill?

Half Fils per gallon.

Can I have my fee returned back if I cancel the application for service (Fees of the used space range or Fees for change of use).

Fees once remitted can’t be retrieved at any case

Is there any installment provision for paying fees and fines?

Yes. There is installment provision If the amount to be paid  is more than 60,000 AED. In this case you have to remit 25% of the amount first, and the rest can be remitted in  installments within one year.

What are the procedures used to approve an objection or complaint to a fine or violation?

Steps to object to the violation:

1 – Customer has to object to the violation by letter delivered to the customer service office.

2 – The message is sent to the financial Department ,Public Revenues Section, and is filled with a special form by the Department and sent to the organizational unit concerned in violation to have their opinion, and if there was an error has been corrected.

3 – Installment payment of the offense is to make sure that the Municipality does not have a returned check by the client himself, then a request is introduce to the Assistant Director General for Corporate Support to obtain approval and accreditation

What is the fees for hotels and liquor?

Fees is 10 % of  total sale of the hotels as per regulation No.2 for the year 2006.

How can I retrieve insurance that I paid?

For Individuals: submit retrieval request with attachments of original receipt and building permit. For companies: submit request with original receipt, building permit ,achievement certificate and business license. Note that it can be done only within the allowed period for retrieval as described in receipt you  received from Municipality.

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