Auto Market

Auto Market

Available services:

Market offers different types of cars: used or new, luxury, economic and family..etc. Also, there is a complete customer service in one location such as: examination, registration, funding, insurance, business of selling tires, car accessories and supplies, electric vehicle,  educational driving institutes, patrol station, bank, mosque, public toilets, different parking spaces in the market, every Wednesday night held auction to sell cars.

General directions:

  • Prohibits prevents hawkers in the market.
  • Prevents selling vehicles in undersigned places.
  • Prohibits purchasing vehicles in streets from hawkers.
  • Do not put posters and selling vehicles advertisements to unauthorized people.
  • Prohibits selling, storing and entering trucks, heavy machinery and fishing boats to the market.
  • Prevents leaving cars in public parking.

Working Hours:

  • Morning from 08:30 to 01:30 / Evening from 04:00pm to 09:00
  • Ramadan Timing: 09:00am - 02:00pm / 08:00pm - 01:00am ​


In Ras AlKhor near Dubai Central Market for vegetables and fruits.


For more information about rental assets services please refer to services directly. Click here


Parking are available among the market.


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