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Dubai Central Laboratory Introduction

Dubai Central Laboratory was established in 1997 with aim integrating all labs affiliated to Dubai Municipality namely Food and Environmental Laboratories Section, Construction Material Laboratories Section, Consumer products and Commodities Laboratories Section, Renewable Energy and Electromechanical Laboratories, Product Conformity Assessment Section, Metrology Laboratories Section, Business Development and Support Section under one department. The integration symbolised a best model for systematic betterment of services provided to public according to the best global practises. Through years, DCL has evolved to be one of the best government department which is characterized with organizational transparency, systematic administrative and technical structure having dynamics to comply with the latest advancement in the domain. DCL ‘s target to be is World Class Product Confidence Vendor in line with Dubai Municipality’s vision ‘Developing a happy and sustainable city’. DCL believes that its activities and performance have an important role in fulfilling Dubai government’s vision to ‘ease transactions of individuals and businesses with government departments’ and also in ‘bolstering the status of Dubai as a global economic capital’. In the way of fulfilling these visions by performing the best, DCL has moved traverse several milestones and has been recognized by many regional and global competent entities, which are:

  • Our laboratories comply with ISO/IEC 17025:2005, the international standard against which the competence of testing and calibration laboratories is assessed.
  • the accreditation of our testing and calibration services is through the Dubai Accreditation Department DAC, even though at the start of accreditation was through the United Kingdom Accreditation Services UKAS for three years (2006-2009)
  • Our Certification Services are also accredited to ISO/IEC Guide 65:1996, enabling DCL to provide a wide range of complementary services to international markets existing in 37 country worldwide.
  • DCLD is certified to the International Standard  ISO/ IEC  17065 : 2012 To undertake the Products Certifications by following schemes : Product Certification Through Batch Certification / Product Certification Through Factory Assessment / Product Certification Through Type 1
  • DCLD is certified to the International Standard ISO/IEC 17020 undertake the inspection in the field of: Construction Sites Inspection/ Conformity Mark Inspection / Jewelry Shops Inspection/ Block Factories Inspection
  • DCLD is certified to International Standard OHSAS 18001:2007, since 2008
  • DCLD is certified to the International standard ISO/IEC 14001:2004 starting from 2011.
  • DCLD is the designated reference lab. For GCC countries in the field of Mass measurements.
  • DCLD is the national lab. For Length, Mass, Temperature & Pressure Measurements designated by ESMA.
  • Regulatory approval of our laboratories by the Ministry of Economy in the UAE to be reference laboratory for precious metals and gemstones, and to represent the country in the international organizations such as CIBJO & AEAO, since 2005.
  • DCL also is the 13th member of the World Jewelers Confederation CIBJO.
  • Regulatory approval of our laboratories by the Ministry of Environment & Water in the UAE, for testing of fish and fish products as well as Camel milk exported to the European Union countries.
  • DCLD is IEC accredited for testing electrical home appliance starting from 2011
  • ESMA’s approval of our laboratories as the National Laboratory for Electrical Home Appliances Testing.
  • DCLD officially owners the copy write for :
  • Integrated Management System for laboratories and product certified.
  • Product Conformity Assessment
  • DCLD is MEDMA designated testing lab.
  • At DCL we recognize the importance of third party accreditation and certification which provides our customers and employees with confidence and trust- the foundations for sound business partnerships

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