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Accreditation Fields

​​​​​​The fields and areas of specialty related to our services at the Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) are numerous. They represent a guarantee in the construction, consumption, food, environment, production and scientific sectors. DCL lab tests include:

Construction Materials Testing:​​​​​

Consumer Products Testing:

​​​​​​Renewable Energy and Electromechanical Testing:​

Food and Environment Laboratory Testing:

Metrology Laboratory Testing:


Products Conformity Assessment:​​

  • International Standard ISO/ IEC 17065: ​​Our services are based on the International Standard ISO/ IEC 17065 related the general requirements of bodies issuing product certification or product conformity marks by issuing conformity certificates for brick production batches, factory evaluation certificates or product conformity certificates according to Type 1.
  • ​International Standard ISO/IEC 17020: Our laboratories also received Accreditation Certificate as per ISO/IEC 17020 in the field of Regulatory​ Inspection​
  • Halal Certification: Our laboratories are accredited for granting Halal certificates for Halal products, services and food, according to a set of local, regional and international standards that include:
    • ​GSO 2055- 2 of 2015 (for Halal products Part two: General Requirements for Halal Certification Bodies)​
    • UAE.S 2055- 2 of 2016 (for Halal products Part two: General Requirements for Halal Certification Bodies)
    • OIC/SMIIC 2: Conformity Assessment – Requirements for Bodies Providing Halal Certification
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