For products covered by mandatory requirements (DM regulation), DCL implements an inspection system that ensures continuous compliance with these relevant regulations. Inspectors carry out systematic inspection of factories , yards, construction sites, jewelry shops and other areas where regulated products are sold or used and collect samples for surveillance and monitoring purpose.


Inspection of block factories and construction sites: DCL Inspectors carry out inspection of block factories and construction sites for the purpose of ensuring continuous compliance with the Local Order No (44/1990), Local Order (1) 2012, Admin Decision (132) 2005, Green Building Regulations and Specifications, Circular (159) 2007, and other regulations related to construction materials which specifies that only certified products are to be used in construction site within the Emirate of Dubai. In case of non-compliance , the inspectors my issue warning or violation notice to the concerned establishment.

Jewelry shop inspection: In support to the Federal Regulation No (9/1993) regarding hallmarking of precious metals. The DCL Inspectors implements inspection scheme for gold Jewelry shops operation in Dubai. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure the all pieces of gold Jewelry sold in Dubai are stamped with the correct fineness mark (indicating purity of gold content). DM inspector carry out a systematic inspection of gold Jewelry shops and collect samples for laboratory test in orders to verify the correctness of the fineness marks. Implementation of the Federal Regulation will further enhance the reputation of the Emirates of Dubai as the City of gold and as a supplier of quality gold Jewelry items.


The DCL Inspection Activities are fully in compliance with ISO/IEC 17020 and is accredited by Emirates International Accreditation Center (EIAC) with Accreditation Certificate No. IB-065.  Status of Accreditation can be found here.


Gold and Jewellery Shops Initiative

Products Conformity Assessment Section of Dubai Central Laboratory is pleased to announce the new service for Gold and Jewellery Shops. The service enables the shops to apply for a hassle-free machanisim to obtain an Independent 3rd Party Test Report or Conformity Certificate for their jewellery items (precious metals and precious stones). The service is purely voluntary and is suitable for Jewellery Shops that wants to enhance the value of their jewellery and precious stones items by having them tested and/or certified by DCLD Gemstones and Precious Metals Laboratory (DCLD-GPML). (Gold and Jewellery Shops​ )


Non-compliance with the requirements may result in the issuance of a Violation Notice or applicable fines in accordance with the regulation.


Any establishment that has been issued a Violation Notice or Fines may appeal the decision by following the procedure as per RD-DP24-4003 (IC) Procedure for Appeals and Complaints related to Inspection.  This procedure is available upon request at the DCL – PCAS.

Inspectors are required to carry out the Inspection in a professional manner in accordance with the rules and regulations of Dubai Municipality.  If any establishments feel that the Inspector has treated them in a  disrespectful or unfair manner, the establishment may raise a complaint through the Dubai Government complaint system, either in writing, or through web e-complaint system.


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