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Legal Metrology Verification

Under The Cabinet Resolution No. (31) for the year 2006 (Article 16) in the adoption of the legal metrology project, and in accordance with the agreement of Cooperation & Authorization signed between Dubai Municipality and Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology to implement all the provisions and procedures relating to the technical guidelines in order to regulate the work of the Legal Metrology.

Dubai Central Laboratory of Dubai Municipality implements the legal metrology control project in the Emirate of Dubai for the measuring instruments that are being used in the commercial transactions and in the health & safety field.

Legal metrology is playing a vital role in the global markets because of its outstanding importance in the monitoring of legal transactions by controlling the accuracy of measuring devices that are being used by the traders and consumers for buying and selling of goods and services. Through the legal verification of measuring instruments; the consumers, traders and manufacturers are being protected from any commercial transactions losses due to inaccuracy of measuring instruments used, preserving the rights of all parties, achieving a safe & sustainable economy and building the trust of dealers and consumers to any commercial transactions. Hence, Dubai Central Laboratory of Dubai Municipality is monitoring the following measuring instruments that are being used in business transactions.

The expert and well-trained staff of Dubai Municipality are using the latest state of the art technology to ensure the accurate results and give a clear outcome of the legal verifications so that the traders and consumers are protected to their rights and avoid the big losses of money.

Once the verification of measuring instrument is performed, the municipality inspector put an appropriate metrological sticker (Green sticker -Verified- indicates that the instrument complied to the legal requirements and usable, or Red sticker – rejected – indicates that the instrument did not comply to the legal requirements and unusable for customer transactions).

DCL RejectedDCL Approved

The fees for the legal verification services that guarantee the accuracy of the legal measurement devices will be charged as per the Cabinet Resolution No. (22) for the year 2011.

Dear customer, make sure that the verification stickers are present on the measuring tools and their validity to ensure your right as a member of society. For more inquiries and suggestions, please contact the channels shown below:

Phone: 800900


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