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Product Certification


Dubai Central Laboratory Department (DCL) – Products Conformity Assessment Section (PCAS) is pleased to announce two new services:

  • Issuing Certificate of Conformity or Conformity Mark for pre-engineering steel structures and components (including assembly and installation), in accordance with Dubai Municipality Standard No. (35) of 2019. This certificate is granted after receiving approval from Dubai Municipality’s Building Permits Department.
  • Issuing Certificates or Conformity Mark for Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) used for building facades, according to Dubai Municipality Standard No. (36) of 2019.

Please click on this link to access the requirements of both services.

What is Product Certification?

Product Certification is a service whereby an independent third party (PCAS at DCL) provides a confirmation that a product meets the requirements of its related standard specification or adopted regulations.

How will the Product Certification issued by DCL help you?

  • Demonstrate compliance with Dubai Municipality’s Requirements, Conditions and Regulations issued in this regard:
    • Many products cannot be sold or consumed without independent confirmation that they meet certain regulatory requirements. Dubai Municipality issues local regulations to protect consumers from any non-compliant or unsafe products. These regulations specify that the identified products must be certified before they can be used or sold in Dubai.
    • DCL is the recognized provider of Product Conformity Certification services. The Conformity Mark for products governed by mandatory conditions proves their compliance with the specified requirements.
  • Superior Competitiveness:
    • The Conformity Certificate gives an additional competitive edge over similar products. The DCL Conformity Mark is a conclusive indicator for shoppers and consumers that the product meets the performance requirements approved by local, national and international standard specifications.
  • Marketability and Consumer Trust:
    • Product Certification indicates the adherence of the product to local and international approved standards, which increases its marketability in the local and international market
    • Conformity Certification schemes in Dubai Central Laboratory Department are based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) specifications, specifically the ISO/IEC 17065 International Standard “Conformity assessment — Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services,” which has been obtained and accredited by the Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC),
  • Continuous Improvement:
    • DCL adopts the factory assessment system based on the ISO 9001 international standard which includes the continuous monitoring of product quality and consistency and the effectiveness of its production processes. This leads to improving production efficiency and overall performance.

Commitment to Openness, Non-discriminatory, Confidentiality and Integrity:

DCL’s Certification Body, along with its higher management, is aware of the importance of adopting the principles of openness, confidentiality and integrity when issuing Conformity Mark Certificates. It strives to grant them to various applicants provided they meet the requirements and specifications. It also provides them with the terms and conditions for each certificate.

DCL’s Certification Body follows strict rules and measures to ensure confidentiality and transparency when granting certificates, as well as to prevent any conflict of interests and to ensure objectivity of all certification decisions. An independent advisory committee made up of members representing the various concerned sectors was established to oversee the certification process and ensure its integrity and protection.

DCL reports to Dubai Municipality and is funded and supported by the Dubai Government. Fees imposed on its services are considered government revenue.

DCL’s Certification Body treats all clients in an equal and a non-discriminatory manner through the process of inspection and certification activities as applicable in ISO/IEC 17065 standard. This is applied to all organizations regardless their size, number of certificates issued, variety of products or activities being done and their shall not be undue financial or other conditions.

DCL’s Certification Body shall make inspection and certification processes accessible by all organizations and conditionally free. Applications from clients participating in illegal activities, having a history of repeated non-compliances with certification/product requirements, or similar client-related issues can be declined.

What Are the Available Certification Schemes?

DCL offers several options for granting certificate/Product Conformity Mark according to best practices that the Department determines based on the requirements of the certificate applicant and the nature of the product to be certified.

As for products covered by the mandatory requirements from Dubai Municipality, DCL relies on the conditions and specifications set by Dubai Municipality within the regulations itself. The type of certificate and scheme to be adopted is determined according to the regulations currently in use.

Currently, below are the available systems for products certification:

Certification schemes for certain products that are subject to laws and regulations:

Accreditation According to International Standard ISO/IEC 17065:
Our product certification services are fully compliant with the ISO/IEC 17065 international standard and approved by the Emirates International Accreditation Center (EIAC) with Certification Number CB-PRD-001

How to use Conformity Certification Services:

Clients can contact the Products Conformity Assessment Section (PCAS), by phone, e-mail or through Dubai Municipality website, or by visiting the section. They can also discuss the certification requirements and the required assessment system with the Department’s employees who will be glad to provide assistance as to which scheme is the most suitable for their requirements..

Clients can benefit from DCL Conformity Certification Services by following these steps:

  • Clients can contact Dubai Central Laboratory, Products Conformity Assessment Section (PCAS) by phone, email or through Dubai Municipality website, or by visiting the section. it is the pleasure of PCAS – certification staff to discuss the requirements with the clients and guide them to determine the scheme that is most appropriate for their requirements.
  • After determining the most adequate assessment scheme for their products, clients must fill in the service application form and submit it to the Product Conformity Assessment Section (Application forms can be obtained from the Section or through the Dubai Municipality website).
  • Upon receiving the service application, the Product Conformity Assessment Section staff will contact clients to discuss and clarify all the details about the Certificate requirements. They also propose the certificate of conformity type, due fees, approximate time plan and other related details.
  • The process of granting the Certificate is initiated after receiving client approval for the certification proposal and paying the due fees.

For more information, please contact the Products Conformity Assessment Section through:

  • Telephone: 0097143027575
  • Fax: 0097143351127
  • E-mail:
  • P.O Box: 67, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Virtual meetings/communications via MS Teams/Zoom or other applications.

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