​​Verification and Attestation of Conformity

This service was initiated by Products Conformity Assessment Section (DCLD-PCAS) in order to give the client more flexible options for certifying their product in a very fast, reliable and easier approach . It is solely based on verified documented evidences; no auditing, inspection, sampling or testing will be carried out.

Attestation is based on providing the client an independent third party (DCLD-PCAS) certificate to prove that their product has undergone assessment according to a recognized well known standard.

DCLD-PCAS attestation certificate is an endorsement for the authenticity and validity of the third party certificate issued originally to the product by a recognized body approved by DCLD-PCAS. It will increase trust and confidence on the use of the product and it can be used in marketing campaign to promote the product.

This service is applicable mainly to products that are not covered by regulations; or products covered by regulations but currently there is no available DCLD certification scheme.

How to Avail of this Service

Applicants can download and fill the application form DM-DCLD- F-IC-6001 and submit to Products Conformity Assessment Section by email or other means as applicable ; together with the required supporting documents mentioned in the Application Form.

Upon receiving the application form; DCLD-PCAS shall immediately review the application and communicate with the client accordingly.

If all documents submitted are adequate and in line with the scheme’s requirements; DCLD-PCAS shall issue the attestation certificate without any delay upon payment the related fees.

For more details and information on the service and how to avail it, please refer to below documents and in case of additional concerns, please send email to​

Download Documents: **​

RD-DP33-6001 (IC) ​- General rules for Verification and Attestation Service

RD-DP33-6002 (IC) – Fee structure for Verification and Attestation Service

DM-DCLD-F-IC-6001 – Application Form for VAS


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