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Factory Assessment

Factory Assessment Scheme

Factory Assessment is the most comprehensive and widespread auditing scheme used to assess factories. The assessment includes:

  • Auditing the factory’s Quality Management System (QMS) as per ISO 9001 standard
  • Assessing product conformity against standard specifications and certification rules.

The factory must meet both requirements in order to receive product conformity certificate/conformity mark issued by Dubai Central Laboratory Department – Products Conformity Assessment Section (DCLD-PCAS).

DCLD-PCAS carries out initial audit of the factory and QMS, followed by regular surveillance audits to ensure continiuous and consistent compliance with the relevant standards specifications and scheme rules.

Product audit is also conducted through initial testing of samples drawn during the initial audit as well as those taken during the regular surveillance audits or from the market surveillance. The Certificate of Product Conformity/Conformity Mark is issued only after the successful completion of the initial audit and satisfactory results of the independent testing of the samples withdrawn in accordance with the scheme rules and specifications.


Dubai Central Laboratory Department (DCL) – Products Conformity Assessment Section (PCAS) is pleased to announce the new services for certification of:

  • Issuing Certificate of Conformity or Conformity Mark for Factory Made Air Duct & Air Connector as per UL 181:2013 (R).
  • Issuing Certificates or Conformity Mark for Non Metallic ducts – Ductwork made from insulation duct boards as per BS EN 13403: 2003.

Please refer to the below table to access the requirements of both services.

Issuance of Certificates through Factory Assessment (Authorization of the use of the DCL Mark):

After applying for a Certificate of Product Conformity/Mark according to Factory Assessment scheme and international, regional or local approved standards, DCLD-PCAS shall carry out the follwoing:

  • Assessing the factory’s QMS according to ISO 9001 requirements by an authorized DCLD-PCAS approved auditors
  • Arranging the delivery of the samples withdrawn during the assessment audit to any approved independent third party laboratory
  • Issuing the Product Conformity Certificate and the authorization to use the product’s Conformity Mark to the applicant based on the satisfactory outcome of the assessment visit and product evaluation in accordance with the related product certification’s requirements.

The table below provides detailed information on the types of Products categories and their respective available specific rules and related requirements:

How to avail the certification through Factory Assessment scheme:

Certification through Factory Assessment Scheme can be requested thru submitting the related Application Form and fulfilling the requirements of the scheme rules and related reference documents through the below links:

The list of Certified Products through Factory Assessment can be found through this link

The QR code for Certified Factories can be accessed through this link.

For inquiries or to further information about service fees for every type of product, please contact the Products Conformity Assessment Section through:

  • Telephone: 0097143027555
  • Fax: 0097143351127
  • E-mail:
  • P.O. Box 67, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Virtual meetings/communications via MS Teams/Zoom or other applications.

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