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Green Building Certification

Green building products and related certificates hold crucial importance among the certificates and Conformity Marks provided by the Dubai Central Laboratory Department (DCL). These certificates are issued according to approved conditions and specifications to ensure construction safety, quality and sustainability.

Systems for Issuing Conformity Mark Certificates for Green Building Products and Materials:

Dubai Municipality issued the Dubai Green Building Regulations and Specifications in 2010 and adopted them in the first phase as a mandatory condition for new projects of government buildings and facilities. On February 13, 2014, Dubai Building Permits Department issued Circular No. (198), which stipulated that, as of March 1, 2014, the application of these Regulations and Specifications is mandatory for all new buildings and facilities in Dubai.

In 2016, the Regulations and Specifications were re-issued under the name AL SA’FAT – Green Building Rating System in Dubai, with the aim of supporting Dubai’s strategic plan of creating a more sustainable urban environment and enhancing the infrastructure’s ability to meet future development needs.

Features of Green Building Regulations and Specifications:

Green Building Regulations and Specifications are based on the principle of improving the performance of buildings in terms of reducing the consumption of energy, water and materials and improving public health, safety and general welfare. This can be achieved by enhancing the planning, design, construction and operations of buildings, to turn Dubai into a distinctive city that combines the essence of success with the luxury of sustainable living.

In this context, DCL’s Products Conformity Assessment Section set out the conditions for issuing a Conformity Mark Certificate for Green Building Products and Materials, after meeting the specified requirements.

Related Conformity Mark Certificates:

DCL issues two types of certificates in this regard:

  • Conformity Mark Certificates and Technical Approvals for Factory Assessment, whose conditions are set by the Specific Rule Code RD-DP21-nnnn (IC)
  • Type1 Certificate of Conformity, whose conditions are set by the Specific Rule Code RD-DP32-nnnn (IC)

You can find application forms and other information through the below links:

You can view the approved Green Building Products and Materials through the two links below:


You can view the regulations for issuing a Green Building Products and Materials Conformity Mark Certificates in the Products Conformity Assessment Section in the table below:



Title of Clause

Product and Properties
to be Certified

Available Scheme
(Specific Rules)

Type of



Urban Heat Island Effect

Roofing surfaces, roofing tiles for Solar Reflective Index (SRI)



Light Colors on Outside of Buildings

Paints and coatings
(for LRV)




Paving blocks, pavement (for SRI)



Low Emitting Material: Paints and Coatings

Paints and coatings
(for VOC)



Low Emitting Material: Adhesives and Sealants

Adhesives, adhesive primers, adhesive bonding primers, sealants, sealant primers (for VOC)



Minimum Envelope Performance Requirements

Glazed elements (architectural glass) for Thermal Transmittance, Shading Coefficient and Light Transmittance



On-Site Renewable Energy – Solar Water Heating System

Solar water heating system collectors as per EN 12975-1 and EN 12976-1 for Systems



Thermal and Acoustical Insulation Materials

Thermal insulation as per applicable standard specifications, CFC free

- Polystyrene as per ASTM C578

- PUR/PIR as per EN 13165

- Spray applied PUR as per ASTM C1029

- Mineral fiber as per EN 13162

- Mineral fiber as per ASTM C612

- Mineral fiber as per ASTM C553

- Mineral fiber as per ASTM C547

- Mineral fiber as per ASTM C665

- Cellular glass as per EN 13167

- Pipe and duct insulation as per GBRS

- etc.

Select appropriate Scheme under

Factory Assess​ment



Lead or Heavy Metals Containing Materials

Paints and coatings
(for heavy metals)


For more information, please contact the Products Conformity Assessment Section through:

  • Telephone: 0097143027575
  • Fax: 0097143351127
  • E-mail:
  • P.O Box: 67, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Virtual meetings/communications via MS Teams/Zoom or other applications.

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