Ready mix certification

​​Ready-Mix Certification

Dubai Municipality – *Administrative Decision No. (316) 2012 was issued within the framework of Dubai Municipality’s efforts to develop and improve the manufacturing of ready-mixed concrete in the Emirate of Dubai and to ensure that the factories (including ready-mixed concrete plants, precast concrete plants and in-situ mixing units – CBU’s) apply the specifications and requirements that guarantee the quality of their products.

The Admin Decision (316) 2012 provides for the mandatory registration and certification of all ready-mixed concrete factories in accordance with the rules and requirements issued by DM.

DM Circular (192) 2013 was issued to provide details and guidance on the implementation of the Admin Decision.

Dubai Central Laboratory Department (DCLD) has developed and issued DMS 026: 2018 specifying the requirements for the operation of the ready-mixed concrete factories.  DCLD also issued the rules and procedures for the certification of the ready-mixed concrete factories in accordance with DMS 026: 2018.

The relevant documentation can be downloaded here.

Regulations and Guidance:

Admin Decision (316) 2012 Control of Ready Mix Concrete Plants and CBUs
DM Circular (192) 2013 Guidance for Registration and Certification of RMX Plants
RMX GUIDE 01 Ready-Mixed Concrete Factories – Registration Process

Certification Rules and Requirements:​

DMS 026: 2018 can be purchased from DCLD
DM-DCLD-RD-DP21-2001 (IC) General rules for certification by Factory Assessment
DM-DCLD-RD-DP21-2177 (IC) Specific rules for certification of rmx concrete factories as per DMS 026: 2018​
RD-DP21-208​6 (IC)​ Factory production control for ready-mixed concrete factories
RD-DP21-2085 (IC) Fee structure for ce​rtification of ready mix concrete factories
RD-DP21-2082 (IC) Terms and Conditions for Plant and Truck Conformity Mark
DM-DCLD-F-IC-2001 Application Form for Certification by Factory Assessment
DM-DCLD-F-IC-2043 RMX Plant and Truck Audit Checklist
DM-DCLD-F-IC-2044 RMX Plant and Truck Pre-Audit Requirements

DM-DCLD-F-IC-2048 RMX Transit Agitators Inspection Form

(All the files format PDF, 2010-2018, size less than 16 MB)

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