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Technical Approval

Technical Approval (TA) for Non-Standard Products

DCLD-PCAS carry out technical approval for building materials and products that are not covered by currently-adopted standard specifications.  A client may submit an application for technical approval by declaring the claimed properties of the product.  DCLD-PCAS will carry out evaluation through testing and/or demonstration.  If the evaluation results confirm that the claimed properties are correct, a Technical Approval Certificate is issued to the client.

How to obtain the service:

Those wishing to benefit from this service should fill in an application form and present it to the Products Conformity Assessment Section in Dubai Central Laboratory Department along with the required documents (technical data, independent testing data of the products to be certified). Technical approval procedures can be viewed through the below links.

Reference documents download:
DM-DCLD-F-IC-8001 (IC) Application Form for Technical Approval
DM-DCLD-RD-DP21-2001 (IC) General Rules for Technical Approval
DM-DCLD-RD-DP21-8100 (IC) Fee Structure Technical Approval
DM-DCLD-RD-DP21-2096 (IC) Surveillance of Certified Clients for Technical Approval
Technical Approval Flowchart


For inquiries or more information, you can contact:

  • Dubai Central Laboratory Department, Conformity Assessment Section
  • Phone: +971/43027575
  • Fax: +971/43351127
  • E-mail:
  • P.O. Box 67, Dubai, UAE
  • Virtual meetings/communications via MS Teams/Zoom or other applications.

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