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Type1 Product Certification

Type 1 Product Certification

The Type 1 certification is being implemented by the DCLD-PCAS to complement the other two types of certification (i.e. Type 2 – Batch certification, and Type 5 – Factory assessment).

This scheme established to serve walk in clients, it covers currently only voluntary products where suppliers may apply for certification of a defined quantity of their products against any recognized international, national, or local specifications.


The Dubai Central Laboratory Department (DCLD) draws sufficient samples from quantities specified in the service request. It then sends them to be tested in authorized laboratories in order to ensure their compliance with the conditions and requirements of the relevant standard specifications. It consequently grants them a certificate of conformity.

Conditions and Requirements of Type 1 Certificate:

The process for issuing a Type 1 Product Certificate of Conformity is based on ISO/IEC 17067 Table 1, which includes:

  • Sample drawing: Specifying the samples subject to certification.
  • Inspection: Determining the characteristics to be tested according to the standard specifications
  • Results evaluation: Comparing results to standard specifications and requirements
  • Decision related to granting certification: Taken based on the conformity of the product with the standard specifications
  • Granting and approving certificates: Issuing of a Certificate of Conformity for the tested product only. The certificate’s validity is for one year.

Forms, Rules and Procedures:

Available Systems:


For more information, please contact the Products Conformity Assessment Section through:

  • Telephone: 0097143027575
  • Fax: 0097143351127
  • E-mail:
  • P.O Box: 67, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Virtual meetings/communications via MS Teams/Zoom or other applications.

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