Mosquito Campaign


  • Integrated pest management policy for public health pests
  • Adult female mosquito requires a blood meal in order to obtain the necessary protein for its egg production .
  • During the process of blood sucking the female mosquito may transfers various dangerous diseases according to mosquito series and type of the microbes it may hold.
  • Also, nuisance mosquito can cause skin reaction and secondary infection due to intensive secondary.
  • IPM Policy – DM / Pest Control Section.
  • The key of success in mosquito control is to prevent mosquito breeding by performance of good practices and what is so called habitat modification.
  • After taking a sufficient blood meal ,female mosquito searches for a suitable place to put her eggs for breeding; such a place should contain stagnant water.
  • Male mosquito can live for (10 to 20) days, and female mosquito can live between (3-100) days depends on mosquito species and surrounding environment.
  • Mosquito life cycle (egg-larvae-pupa=adult) usually takes 10 to 12 days​​

Residential Area

Public Areas

Industrial areas and Labor accommodations

Markets and Stores

Sport yards, gardens and festival areas

Rural gardens and Horse stables

Construction sites

Unused Fallow Land


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