​​​​It is difficult for Dubai Municipality to perform its duties and specialties as an institutional organization without having a legislative system that regulates its activities, draws the framework of its relationship with the local community and gives legitimacy to its actions. Therefore, the decree issued regarding the municipality foundation has contained a provision on giving it the authority and power to issue orders, regulations and decisions. However, the importance of legislation in the municipality lies in the following:

Enabling to achieve the targets prescribed in decree, having considered the legislation as a tool that will ensure its ability to carry out the tasks and duties entrusted to.

  • Organizing all public utilities which are under the management & supervision of Dubai Municipality.
  • Imparting legitimacy on the municipality work, such as imposing fees and financial liabilities and costs onto the public.
  • Ensuring procedures, stipulations and requirements that are being set up by the municipality in order to get the services which it renders through imposing penalties such as imprisonment, fines, license cancellation, goods confiscation and closure.
  • Vouching for justice and equality in benefiting from the services provided by municipality.
  • Protecting public properties and funds which belong to municipality.

However, the following are considered among the most crucial legislations published by the municipality to achieve the aforementioned objectives and goals:

  • Laws
  • Decrees
  • Local Regulatory Decisions
  • Federal

Cabinet Resolution No. (22) of 2011 Concerning Fees Charged on Metrological Services​

Engineering and Planning

Administrative Resolutions

Planning and construction

Environment, Health and Safety

Financial affairs and Contracts

Children City

Dubai Central Laboratory

Planning and Construction

Public Parks and Horticulture Department

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