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Green Building in Dubai

What is a green building?

Green Building is the practice of creating a built environment that is resource efficient in terms of energy, water, and materials whilst reducing building-related impacts on human health and the environment throughout the building’s life cycle, through better sitting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, change of use and deconstruction.

The green buildings regulations and specifications in Dubai:

His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid AlMaktoum- Vise president, Prime Minister and ruler of Dubai, the mind behind the masterpiece, that is Dubai, encouraged creating a health-friendly and sustainable environmental development, which is about achieving a balance between the economic development and environmental protection. His vision has led to the creation of Dubai’s Green Buildings Regulations and Specification project according to the Circular no.(198) (Circular is only available in Arabic), which is considered to be one of the most important legislation adopted by the government to protect the environment and its natural resources as well as to ensure people’s health and welfare. The regulations were written after extensively researching and studying several international green buildings rating systems and adopting only those that suit the UAE’s environment, economy and culture. Hence, in January 2011, as a first step towards implementing the strategy, Dubai municipality made the green buildings regulations and specification mandatory for governmental buildings and voluntary on for private ones. As in march 2014, when a total of 44 green governmental buildings had been constructed, the Dubai municipality took a second step towards implementing the strategy, and made the regulations mandatory for all new buildings in Dubai.

Green buildings pillars:

Environment, society and the economy

Green buildings regulations and specifications in Dubai aspects:

Dubai’s green buildings regulations and specifications encourages all developers to build toward a greener tomorrow, safeguarding future generations and at the same time not having a negative impact on the occupant’s health. It addressed different aspects of green building design like:

  • Ecology and planning
  • Building vitality
  • Recourses effectiveness: Energy
  • Recourses effectiveness: Water
  • Recourses effectiveness: Materials and Waste​


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