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Building Studies and Research

The Research and Building Systems Section at the Building Permits Department conducts studies and research in the building and construction fields, as well as buildings operations. These studies encompass numerous engineering specializations such as: Civil, architectural, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as other technical fields.

The completed research, studies and related resulting innovations aim to develop engineering work and the ways to deal with the challenges faced by the building’s tenants through the study of these challenges and finding their adequate solutions.

Research and studies also provide the ability to understand or predict some phenomena, as well as monitoring and controlling the construction sector activities, providing accurate scientific data, creating best practices and analyzing them to adapt them for local implementation, in order to achieve the principles of sustainability and to build a happy, smart and sustainable city.

The Building Department, through its work methodology is committed to:

  1. Carrying out innovative and applied scientific studies in the engineering disciplines related to building technology, thus ensuring that its impact is tangibly reflected in practice
  2. Sponsoring and supporting relevant research, studies and innovations at the department’s internal and external levels, in line with achieving the strategic goals of Dubai Municipality
  3. Establishing innovative research partnerships with various competent authorities
  4. Providing technical and engineering counsel to the different institutions in governmental sectors, participate in the various committees formed by governmental authorities and cooperate with these authorities to implement the required research and studies
  5. Organizing seminars, conferences, workshops and scientific meetings in the construction field on the local and international levels and sharing the results and innovations with partners, clients and the community.
  6. Publishing the results of the research and studies conducted by the department in the form of scientific reports distributed to the concerned authorities and published in local, regional and international accredited scientific journals.


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Approved New Building Systems:

We, at the Building Permits Department, believe that creativity and innovation are limitless, and that the role of governments is not only to foster innovation, but also to enable it. With this principle in mind, the Research Section at the Building Permits Department provides construction and building contractors, manufacturers and suppliers with the opportunity to introduce new and innovative building systems or methods not previously used in Dubai buildings. These systems and methods are studied to ensure their adequacy and conformity with the safety requirements firstly, and the Dubai environment secondly, in order to provide their owners with the necessary accreditations such as: integrated or partial construction systems, or building services systems such as: thermal and electromechanical insulation systems and others.

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