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About GIS

Providing and updating maps, plans and geographic information for the Emirate of Dubai is of utmost importance. Therefore, at the Department of Geographical Information System (GIS) Centre in Dubai Municipality, we use the latest technologies in collecting, validating, analysing, developing and saving this data. We make it available to decision makers at all levels, whether executive, planning, organizational or legislative, as well as to the private sector and individuals, with the aim of improving the business environment and enhancing productivity.

We adopt standard criteria in gathering and combining geographic information, according to local and international standards. This contributes to enhancing the electronic link between geographical databases in various departments.

We are keen on launching initiatives and projects to update geographic information and refine maps accuracy. The information is available to government departments in Dubai, as well as to private institutions, Dubai Municipality departments and individuals, each according to their needs, competence and clearance granted to access the data.

The Department of Geographical Information System Centre has sponsored many local conferences in this field. It has international participation through presentations and papers in conferences, exhibitions and specialised workshops.


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