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The Department of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Dubai Municipality is the department which responsible for establishing spatial data and mapping foundations for government, private sector and individuals in the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Therefore, the Department use the latest techniques in collecting, developing, quality controlling, storing and analyzing spatial data and making it available for decision making to all executive, planning, regulatory and legislative levels in order to improve the business environment and enhance levels of growth in productivity.

The Department of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) works on development of standards for collection and standardization of spatial data to cohere with local and international standards to facilitate the electronic link between the spatial databases through the different departments. The (GIS) Department also initiates and manages projects that provide spatial data for Government departments, private companies and the public as well as updated information and accurate maps according to the need of each stakeholder.

GIS management has a remarkable presence through sponsoring of local conferences related to geographic information systems and a wide international participation through presentations and working papers at all relevant conferences, exhibitions and workshops.​


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