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Projects under development

Dubai Map:
GIS Department at Dubai Municipality began the implementation of digital base map update project for the whole Emirate of Dubai in March 2011 by awarding this project to Innovations Map Services Company.

The project aims to update the base map for the Emirate of Dubai, which is the source of all topographical data.  That will be done using aerial photographs which will be taken for the whole Emirate of Dubai.

Dubai Utilities Map

Dubai Utilities Map is a strategic project aims to provide un updated digital map for all the infrastructure services of sewage, irrigation, electricity, water, roads, and etisalat in the Emirate of Dubai. The project will be implemented in stages with the participation of the owners of the data so as to develop technical standards for the data of each field, correct them according to the standards, then update and follow up them using a customized application. The expected duration for completion of the project is third quarter of 2014.

Dubai Soil Map

To create a soil properties digital map for Emirate of Dubai for planning, analysis and decision making.

 360° Panorama
This project allows taking pictures of all areas, main and side roads of Dubai.  This is done through four cameras ready for simultaneous capturing of pictures in order to connect them to the global positioning system. It also allows the images to be reflected on the Interactive maps to provide the browsers with panoramic images that are extremely clear with 360 degree range.

The project achieves several results, including:

  • Add and update data for Points of Interest Project.
  • Reflected on the possibility of interactive maps in Amakin and Dugis Viewer.
  • Increase labor productivity by saving time and effort to travel to and from sites.
  • Fast data access and availability around the clock, which facilitates decision-making process in emergency situations.

Amakin mobile 

The need for making GIS available on-the-move is long felt in the GeoSpatial industry. Several limitations in the mobile devices software and costs of implementation were the hurdles.

Way Forward :

  • Information Security.
  • Which is cost effective.
  • Enables field staff to make effective decisions.
  • That allows ONLINE retrieval of jobs/tasks by field staff.
  • That provides necessary information to the field staff ONLINE.
  • Allows updating ONLINE.
  • Allows this updated information to be made available to decision makers (offsite) instantly.
  • Which enables better timely services to end users.
  • That enables efficient time utilization & comfortable work culture for field staff.


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