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Smart Initiative

In Dubai Municipality, we have spared no effort regarding the implementation of a Smart Government in Dubai, as per the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. We have consistently promoted best practices and created the latest applications for the smart transformation of services and electronic linking between Dubai Municipality’s various services and other concerned departments and governmental and non-governmental entities.

Through the Smart Transformation Section in the Information Technology (IT) Department, we launched 15 Smart Initiatives that provide services, data and reports through Smart Applications. They can also complete all transactions and reviews in record time, without the hassle of going back and forth between departments and sections.

These initiatives are varied and include:

Dubai Here Smart App:

  • Dubai Here is an electronic syste
  • m that works via internet browser or portable smart devices. It includes 2D and 3D maps containing all assets, landmarks, infrastructure facilities, buildings, units, utility service networks, data related to the economic activity and environmental, health and population information.

Dubai Municipality Departments’ Smart Inspection

  • The Smart Inspection system used in Dubai Municipality Departments is a smart electronic system that helps Dubai Municipality inspectors carry out daily inspection procedures. It provides them with all the information about the site in question. It also enables them to follow up on their assigned tasks, provide updates and submit reports.

Smart Site Map System:

  • The Smart Site Map System is an innovative system that enables owners to receive the required maps electronically directly, without the need to go to the Dubai Municipality Survey Department.

Smart Navigation in Dubai Shopping Centres:

  • The Smart Navigation in Dubai Shopping Centres facilitates shopping in these centres and shows the latest promotions and discounts from shops participating in this initiative. It is a smart application standardized for all shopping centres in Dubai. It allows the user to move around and locate the shop or residential unit easily through the direct navigation feature.

Amakin Smart System:

  • The Amakin Smart System displays spatial data and enables geographical analysis of data through specific technologies.

Smart Interactive Map of Dubai Initiative:

  • The Smart Interactive Map of Dubai Initiative is the first informative map that turns Dubai area maps into interactive ones, using smart technologies that are updated remotely in real time.
  • The map includes various information, such as events close to the region, points of interest, Makani numbers and other information that facilitate movement within Dubai. It is touch-enabled and can be used during a call.
  • The interactive map is environmentally friendly because it reduces the use of printed maps. It also meets the needs of people of determination.

Smart Tourism Map of Dubai:

  • The Smart Tourism Map of Dubai provides online access to Dubai Municipality and governmental departments’ events, as well as various tourist activities and events in Dubai.

Smart Graveyards Management:

  • The Smart Graveyards Management System distributes Dubai’s cemeteries according to their regions and then distributes them by numbers, which allows viewing data of each cemetery and displaying its map.

Dubai Public Parks Management:

  • The Dubai Public Gardens Management allows the management of public gardens projects and displays them online. It also displays each park’s properties. The system is building a geographical database that includes the different properties of Dubai’s public parks.

3D Dubai Safari:

  • The 3D Dubai Safari is an advanced system that displays the Dubai Safari Park in 3D technology and enables the online management of the Dubai Safari properties.

Residential Units Addressing:

  • The Residential Units Addressing allows numbering of buildings, houses and residential units according to a system linked to the Makani application.

Smart Community Facilities Management:

  • The Smart Community Facilities Management is an advanced system for managing public services and projects through its own geographical database. It also allows following up on the implementation of these projects.

3D Dubai Buildings:

  • The 3D Dubai Buildings displays Dubai’s buildings on the map in 3D, with all their interior details, by converting 2D building blueprints into 3D ones.

Smart Decision Makers Reports:

  • The Smart Decision Makers Reports can be described as a smart reporting platform that includes:
    • Project flowcharts
    • Statistics of available data
    • Instantly updated reports
    • Results of data analysis.

Dubai Municipality Project Management:

  • Dubai Municipality Project Management displays all government projects on an electronic map that allows the concerned managing party to follow up on them and permanently update its data.

Dubai Buildings Maintenance:

  • Dubai Buildings Maintenance provides access to buildings under jurisdiction of Dubai Municipality. It provides data about each building’s permit, as well as its current status. It also displays information on what buildings require maintenance.

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