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Planning Standards’ guide

Dubai Community Facilities Planning Standards’ guide

In line with our aspiration to develop a modern, sustainable and integrated societies that express the culture and the values of Dubai and creation of distinctive lifestyle for our citizens, we have identified a comprehensive Planning standards guide for Community Facilities that keep pace with the urban and economic growth and development in Dubai, in parallel with the demographic change taking into consideration the population densities and social aspects, to ensure that the Facilities and needs of each person is delivered within a community in close proximity to them, and to provide the best livelihood, well-being and comfort to make them happy, and improve the quality of life for the residents of the emirate.

Dubai Community Facilities Planning Standards’ guide includes the following:

  1. Comprehensive and detailed planning standards for each type of Community Facility (educational, health, religious, commercial, police, civil defense, ambulance, municipal, social, cultural, and entertainment Facilities).
  2. Appropriate planning standards in line with the current and future needs of the population, and consistent with the characteristics of the urban and social composition of Dubai.
  3. Determine the rates and detailed planning standards for each type of Community Facilities, as well as determine the type and level of Community Facilities that is required for each planning level, based on the international best practices in this field, which has been adapted to suit the nature of the local communities.


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