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Company Registration Procedure

All waste management companies need to access the RASID website for registration purposes. They will have to follow a step-by-step procedure in order to get enlisted.

Company Registration Procedure

  • Log on to
  • Click: Company Registration tab, which will take the customer to a new page
  • Fill in the requisite fields and tick the security column at the bottom.
  • Click Register
  • An email with details of login procedure and access credentials with User Id and Password will be sent to the registered email. The user can log in and edit company information till it is approved.
  • Once approved and upon gaining further access the user is advised to choose appropriate services such as vehicle registration, device registration, generate invoice, etc.

Please Ensure

  • During company registration, the customer will be asked to upload soft copies of the relevant documents.
    • Company logo
    • Company Trade License
    • Dubai Municipality Certificate
  • Select at least one (or both, if applicable) of the relevant department out of the below-
    • Waste management Department
    • Environment Department
  • The registration application along with copies of the documents will be scrutinized by Dubai Municipality, and confirm acceptance/ approval or rejection. The user will be intimated by email about the progress of initial registration of the company. Once it is approved, the user can register the vehicle or fleet in the next step.
  • The registration would remain valid for the entire duration of continuity of the contract (five years) with the Municipality.
  • All details including fleet information, payments, due dates, mode of payments shall be advised and the registered companies can either transfer funds to or deposit the cheque directly at the RASID Services. An Online payment facility through the RASID website ( is also available.
  • Company accounts in the RASID system will be activated only upon receipt of payment.

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