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Strategic Plan

The RASID Smart System aims to work as a total waste management solution for the emirate of Dubai through effective management and monitoring of waste transport services, thereby ensuring environment-friendly disposal and eliminating illegal dumping.

Goals and Objectives

  • Monitor fleet movements of waste management companies registered with Dubai Municipality
  • Identify illegal or unauthorized, dumping, spilling and draining of waste during transit
  • Analyze data received by generating Management Information System reports for effective resources schedule planning
  • Reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
  • Provide real-time monitoring status of the transport, volume/weight and category of waste wherever applicable
  • Collate real-time and history tracking of vehicles
  • Establish an electronic database of all waste-related information
  • Categorize collected waste
  • Monitor vehicle location, driver behavior and performance
  • Improve fleet utilization, efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Enhance customer service and satisfaction

Facilities and Services

Call Centre and Online Services

The RASID Control and Monitoring Center is manned day and night by consultants who can assist callers in English, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu. All calls are recorded, monitored and reviewed frequently.

Registered companies can use the online services 24×7 by logging on using the registered username and password. Additional security features to prevent online fraud are incorporated. Services may get temporarily suspended due to record updation, technical maintenance or at unforeseen circumstances.

Both the Call Centre and the online service facility aim to:

  • ensure prompt issue redressal and provide appropriate solutions,
  • carry out scheduled customer satisfaction surveys and review analysis,
  • act as a support team and provide necessary training assistance to the clients,
  • maintain up-to-date and accessible status of registration, payments, fleet etc.,
  • extend uniform assistance to customers,
  • resolve complaints by accessing technical support for hardware, software, and communications problems,
  • provide the Management Information System reports of all registered vehicles in specified format, and
  • introduce new online service features whenever available.

Help Desk

The Help Desk assists all stakeholders to register their company and vehicles for RASID Online Services. Other essential assistance will also be extended to customers and their enquiries and concerns will be recorded and addressed.

The desk will operate in conjunction with the Call Center and Online Services. It will deal with issued tickets and help sort out any specific concerns related to the hardware, software and the financial administration of contract compliances.

The desk will facilitate receiving GPS sample devices from any registered waste management company and issue acknowledgements for the purpose of device verification.



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