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Dubai 24/7 aims at keeping communication channels open round the clock, giving a permanent access to our various services, and registering notifications round the clock using innovative and flexible features:

Application Features:

  • Displays the services of Dubai Municipality by voice or photo
  • You can submit service applications
  • Allows you to send observations and notifications in 10 seconds using the camera feature (photo, video), voice or text
  • Enables you to track service notifications through the automatic identification feature of the nearest “MAKANI” number, which speeds up the service completion
  • You can evaluate a service or send a notification after the completion phase.
  • You can send rumors related to our duties to the “Latest Rumors” team.
  • You can obtain answers to various inquiries through “Fares” chatbot without the need to communicate with the call centre staff
  • You no longer need to visit or call Dubai Municipality service centres.
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