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MAKANI was developed to enhance the use of the smart Geo-tagging system. It helped Dubai to be the first city in the world to use numbers to identify building entrances and locate them with a 1-metre accuracy on interactive maps, through MAKANI Numbers.

MAKANI system was then adopted in other Emirates, such as Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah.

MAKANI is a flexible and effective number-based addressing system that does not require names, symbols or location details. This makes it the easiest and fastest way for residents and visitors of different cultures and languages to locate an address and get directions.

Application Features:

  • Makani number consists of 10 digits only, for example (95320 30032), which facilitates searching, navigating and roaming in Dubai.
  • MAKANI App boasts various features, including:
    • Effective use of the App without an internet connection after downloading the map data
    • Entering the MAKANI number or the required destination by voice in both Arabic and English in the search field
    • When clicking on any building on the interactive map through satellite or planning images, the boundaries of the building are shaded and the main entrances are identified with markers that show the MAKANI number at the top of each marker
    • Provides complete information about the specified location with the ability to display images of the surrounding street level (360-degree photography)
    • Ability to connect MAKANI numbers with mobile phone contacts for direct access and search
    • Smart search options, such as: search by place name, land number and the traditional addressing system for identifying buildings or lands (such as the name of the area, street name and building number), as well as obtaining MAKANI numbers for these locations, or searching with keywords, such as: nearest pharmacy, metro station, etc.
    • Indicates the Qibla direction
    • Scans and reads the QR code on the app and displays related information, or uses an upload a geo-referenced image
    • Voice Navigation feature in devices and smartphones to guide the users on the route to be followed from their current location to the target destination
    • Plans a multi-destination route and displays it on the map, along with explanation of the steps to reach the target location (up to 5 destinations)
    • Determines the route with or without crossing Salik Gate
    • Augmented Reality (AR) to show points of interest by using the smartphone camera
    • Shares locations with others through various applications and through social media
    • Sign in with Dubai ID, Facebook and Twitter
    • Simplifies saving and retrieving favorite locations on the user’s device
    • Possibility of using the app in Arabic and English.

MAKANI App is available through interactive platforms on multiple electronic devices, including mobile phones, tablets and computers.


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