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Smart Sustainability Oasis – The Quranic Park

Smart Sustainability Oasis – The Quranic Park

titleAbout The Project

The recycling centres are places for collecting recyclable materials. First of their kind in the region, these centres are distributed in numerous strategic locations to cover several areas in Dubai.

These centers receive 18 types of recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metal packages, glass, used clothes and fabric waste, rubber, leather, wood, electronic waste, batteries and others.

The recycling materials collection centers boast variety of modern and innovative specifications, which have made them:

  • Smart and sustainable centres
  • Based on solar energy for electricity generation
  • Energy saving because of their high performance light bulbs
  • Environmentally friendly as they were built with recycled or used materials
  • Equipped with smart screens to display environmental awareness and educational messages
  • Equipped with cameras and audio devices to broadcast thank you messages for the centres' users
  • Designed to incorporate smart bins with sensors that monitor the capacity level of each bin in order to schedule unloading shifts.




​ Working Hours

Every day of the week, around the clock

​ Centre Location

  • Quranic Park, Al Khawaneej First - Dubai
  • Makani Number: 45938 92020


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