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Al Khazzan Park

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Project Location:

​​Al Satwa​

Project Objective:

Originally built during the late 1980’s, Al Khazzan Park was one of the few community parks that offers a green haven for relaxation within the urban environment of Al Satwa. The 40m high traditional water tank has become a landmark within the area which is only a few distance away from Burj Khalifa. Dubai Municipality intends to re-build this 1.4 hectare historic park which was demolished a few years ago and promote it as the first “zero-energy” park for the emirate.The park will be exclusively powered by solar energy collected from the sun through an area of more than 400m2 of PV panels. The energy collected will used to provide electricity for the building, automatic irrigation systems and park lighting during the evening.

Project Elements:

Walkway Sitting area. Children play equipments. Metal fences. Administrative building. Shaded area. Picnic area. General site work and infrastructure work for parks and landscape work.

End User:

Dubai Municipality

Built-up area:

1.4 Hectares

Project Completion Date:



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