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Al Maktoum Stadium – Al Nasr Club


Project Location:

Oud Metha

Project Objective:

The development of the club's current status by creating a sports stadium with a capacity of 15,000 shaded spectators, according to the requirements of the AFC and the international specifications of the World Football Association (FIFA), in order to qualify it to receive Asian and international matches.

Project Elements:

The stadium and stands: The stadium has a capacity of more than 15,000 seats, according to the requirements of the AFC and the International Federation, with the provision of variable color LED lights for the façades and shades of the stands, where the shades cover area is 25,000 square meters. Detention Building: Ground floor with 1 floor/storey building containing male detention sections, female detention sections, juvenile detention section & solitary detention cells, exercise yard along with the toilet facilities as well as police offices, control rooms & visitors areas. the grass floor, it is the first of its kind in the UAE and it is called (hybrid), meaning the mixed grass system, where the natural grass is sewn with a small percentage of artificial turf, which is distributed in a certain way to ensure the stability of the soil and the ground and its homogeneity, and not to be uprooted during the slipping of the players and what guarantees their safety From bumping while falling due to the ductility factor, it is equipped with the latest irrigation and water drainage methods. This technology is supported by the International Football Association, and is directed to adopt it in new stadiums in the world. The dimensions of the field (grass) are 68 meters * 105 meters, and the dimensions around the stadium are: on the side of the platform and the players' bench are 8.5 meters, behind the goal 10 meters. The results display screens have dimensions of 10.3 meters * 4.5 meters for one screen. 17 entry and escape exits to the stadium and stands, with providing the stadium with (26) camera locations for filming and television broadcasting during the match, allowing gameplay footage to be filmed from 26 different angles, and the stadium is equipped with other cameras to ensure security and safety, including a set of smart cameras that reveal where each person sits via facial features. The podium building which consists of the media hall, conference hall, television interview rooms, mixed area, management and organizing committee offices, fitness hall, VIP and VIP lounges, studio rooms, commentator rooms, TV monitoring rooms, scoreboard control room, services All required TV broadcasting and audio-visual systems, players' changing rooms, referees' rooms, coaches' rooms, massage rooms, Jacuzzi rooms, doping examination rooms, medical clinic rooms, ball bearers rooms, prayer rooms with a ablution, in addition to all the services of these rooms And lounges. The cooling system, pumps, generators, and lighting control rooms for the stadium. Gates and entrances to the club, parking lots for television broadcasts, sites for external kiosks, car parks, bus stops for athletes, and bicycle stands. General site work and infrastructure work, landscape work.

End User:

Al-Nasr Cultural & Sport Club

Built-up area:

21,400 square meter

Project Completion Date:



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