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Al Muraqabat Housing Complex

Al Muraqabat Housing Complex 2 min
Al Muraqabat Housing Complex 1 min

Project Location:

Al Muraqqabat

Project Objective:

To invest the resources and contribution that support the real estate investment activity in the Emirate. The municipality has created a residential and commercial complex; where the residential part has been allocated entirely to municipality staff, in terms of providing better living conditions for its resources. The commercial part and offices is for investment and income support department and provide the necessary needs of the residents.

Project Elements:

The front building: located on the main road and consists of a basement floor for parking, ground floor with parking area, showrooms with a cafe at the entrance of the building lobby, a mezzanine floor for offices, three typical floors also for offices, and four typical residential floors. The rear building: It is located on the back street consists of a basement floor and ground floor for parking, with a 4 typical residential. General site work and infrastructure work, landscape work.

End User:

Dubai Municipality

Built-up area:

44,724 Square Meters​

Project Completion Date:


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