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Birds and Pets Market

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Project Location:

​​​Al Warsan 3

Project Objective:

The project is established to serve Dubai’s demands by establishing a fulfilled market for buying and selling pets of which it has a direct positive effect on the job in general in addition to that it achieves to attract the tourists in the area. Moreover establishing a market that is specialized for birds and pets motivates the peoples’ response specially by insuring different services for the clients such as, parking, animals checkup, fortification, and selling cages all in one place.

Project Elements:

Composed of several buildings: (4 ) number of complex contains (20) trading shops of each Complex, that are specialized in selling birds and pets and shops that sell fishes for aesthetic purposes, animals food and souvenirs. Pets hotel that provides main services for welcoming traveled animals of around 50 hotel rooms for dogs and 30 rooms for cats, along with specialized places for training and dealing with pets. In addition to a permanent doctor’s room, fitness and beauty rooms including administrative rooms and accompanied services such as rooms for washing animals, rooms for washing their clothes, and rooms for feeding. Administration building Auctions building of which is going to subscribe in organizing the auction’s process and gather the auctioneers in one place. It is divided into three divisions, the first main division is the visitors and administration entrance, the second division is the auctions main hall, and the third is an entrance that organized the animals movement in and out of the auctions hall. Clinical medical building that is composed of administration rooms, doctors’ rooms, two rooms for surgeries, a pharmacy, and two wards for temporary visits, of which each is composed of 3 rooms. A quarantine building that hosts and isolates sick animals and its composed of two wards for the dogs and a single ward for the cats, and a single one for the birds. Labor Accommodation building that expands for 300 numbers of the Labor market. General site work and infrastructure work, landscape work.

End User:

Dubai Municipality

Built-up area:

20,903 Square meter

Project Completion Date:



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