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Campus Expansion at Zayed University

01 Campus Expansion at Zayed University
02 Campus Expansion at Zayed University
03 Campus Expansion at Zayed University
04 Campus Expansion at Zayed University
05 Campus Expansion at Zayed University
06 Campus Expansion at Zayed University

Project Location:

​Al Ruwayah second

Project Objective:

A distinctive project to serve the higher education sector in the framework of the efforts of Dubai Municipality to provide scientific facilities. Such as the study classes and specialized laboratories, where about 83 classrooms were designed according to the latest technologies and methods of learning on different systems and diversification of those classes. Including the regular class rooms and the other types of halls and some of them including the techniques of (distance education), distributed areas on the ground floor and the first in the academic building, overlooking the numerous courtyards decorated with green gardening with benches and external sessions to provide an atmosphere of calm and meditation picturesque nature. On the second floor, staff offices were provided with different views of these patios, as well as independent balconies. In addition to the specialized facilities for students and teachers, there are laboratories that are divided into science, chemistry, physics and biology laboratories, and different fields of engineering (laboratories and workshops), each designed according to the latest international and environmental standards and the latest technologies. As well as the library, which is located above the labs where it was designed with the latest office systems in a variety between the regular and compacted method in keeping books and deliberations, with space for reading with a quiet atmosphere, suitable for natural views, and lighting. As the educational services are considered for all of the society, the facilities and services for the people of determination have been adapted and equipped to provide a unique educational experience for them, both up with all members of society. So that this expansion to become a leading model in the designs.

Project Elements:

The project is an expansion of the university campus. The expansion includes a number of buildings (including educational and activity buildings). The expansion with the existing buildings has been linked to the existing conference center and student academic building (ground +2floors) through the Atrium. The Atrium is a double volume space for all student activities and events, as well as services such as cafés, as well as other buildings that enrich the educational experience, such as the library building and the laboratories, which are connected to the new academic buildings and located on two different bridges. In order to connect with both existing and new buildings horizontally on the one hand, and on the other to maintain the segregation between male and female students at different times. As well as designed gymnasium, which contains a gym and a swimming pool on the ground floor with different exercise rooms on the first floor, such as (aerobic, jiu jitsu, etc.) with an outdoor playground at separate times for both male and female. General site work and infrastructure work, landscape work.

End User:

Zayed University

Built-up area:

68,600 Square Meters​


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