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Greenhouses and Shaded Areas

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Project Location:

​Al Warsan 3​

Project Objective:

Establish greenhouses to support the agriculture sector and the production of seedlings and shrubs in order to achieve self-sufficiency locally and to market the production to neighbour countries with high quality and excellent specifications.

Project Elements:

The project includes Nursery, shaded areas, greenhouses, and production unit, and the operating of automated production system, which includes fill Pot and trays of Agriculture soil and planting and of seeds, irrigation and transfer automatically to the allocated areas in the green houses and shaded areas and individualize seedlings and planting of the sprout, which are all done automatically. It also includes the evaporative cooling and mechanical cooling systems, and irrigation systems, The fogging and lighting systems, lighting and blinds control over the periods of lighting and darkness systems and fertilization system, All these systems connected station of Meteorology and computer controls the operation of all systems, greenhouses automatically. The systems of automatic irrigation areas shaded system (Album), which used for the first time in the region. General site work and infrastructure work.

End User:

Dubai Municipality

Built-up area:

100,000 Square Meters​

Project Completion Date:



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