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Hatta Heritage Souq and Motel

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Project Location:


Project Objective:

The facades of the building were designed in the local heritage architectural style that characterizes the Hatta region, which is distinguished by its originality and its delicate architectural elements closely related in terms of shape and finishing materials to the traditional local architecture and this principle has also been activated in the interior design of the interiors and finishes in the building represented by windows, doors and interior chandeliers. And interior lighting elements, and the main corridor in the building has been adapted and covered with a distinctive coverage of PVC that maintains the internal temperature and provides a suitable and stimulating atmosphere for visitors and users to shop and wander around the market, and there are many outdoor sessions overlooking the valley next to the project with stairs and slopes planted to create a kind From interaction between building patrons and the adjacent valley to camping and barbecuing activities.

Project Elements:

Two Floors: Ground and First Floor, the design draws emphasis on the traditional identity of the region 46 shops and restaurants on the ground floor 32 Motel rooms including 2 special suites for families.

End User:

Dubai Municipality.

Built-up area:

6,000 square meters

Project Completion Date:



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