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Hatta Hill Park

Hill Park Hatta
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Project Location:


Project Objective:

Sitting on top of the residential Hatta hill, the namesake Hatta Hill Park is unique in its topography, altitude, diverse environment and facilities.Hatta Hill Park is a crucial addition to Dubai's green and recreational areas, not only for park-goers, nature lovers, active people and hikers, but also the residents of the surrounding region and all citizens and residents.

Project Elements:

Mountainous natural green areas for picnics and family gatherings Beautiful mountain walkway for park visitors Designated areas for picnic and barbecues on the hills Shaded areas with beautiful wooden benches Children's play area Workout devices for adults Stone walls of the same natural materials which provide a blend of the natural and cultural history of the region Sports yards General site work and infrastructure work for parks and landscape work

End User:

Dubai Municipality

Built-up area:


Project Completion Date:



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