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Multi Storey Parking Building At Al Garhoud

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Parking Building Garhoud2
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Project Location:

​AL Garhoud​​

Project Objective:

Project is proposed to provide cars' and school buses' parking spaces for the government & educational buildings which are located in the same area This project is one of the specialized projects associated with the latest technology, in terms of parking system and the use of solar energy and green spaces on the interfaces that reflect the project relationship with the land and the environment.

Project Elements:

Main Building contains ground floor nad five typical floors and roof, ground floor will include main entrance, school buses parking (large & medium size) in addition of bicycles parking & services rooms. And for the typical floors and roof, they have been used for car parking. General site work and infrastructure work.

End User:

Dubai Municipality.

Built-up area:

39,270 square meters

Project Completion Date:



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