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Project Location:

​Al Qusais 2, Abu Hail, Al Garhoud,  Al Muhaisnah 1&3 , Al Qouz, Al Awir, Al Hebab 1, Al Warqa 2 & 3, Nad Al Hamar, Al Safouh, Al Twar 2&3, 3 Parks in Al Barsha 2, Mizhar 1&2, Nad Al Shiba 2&4, Al Lesaily, Al Mankhool, Oud Al Muteena 1​​

Project Objective:

Project Objective:To serve the residents of the neighborhoods and by establish it, Dubai Municipality has made a quantum leap by adding a green patch and entertainment areas in the Emirate of Dubai, which aims to raise the green area and raise the proportion of cultivated area in urban public areas in Dubai.

Project Elements:

Warm up equipment for adults. Walkway. Sitting area. Jogging tracks Sports yards. Children play equipments. Metal fences. General site work and infrastructure work for parks and landscape work.

End User:

Dubai Municipality

Project Completion Date:



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