Transport and Rescue Buildings Complex Dubai police 2nd Phase

Project Location:

​Al Warsan​

Project Objective:

The project represents a complementary phase of the buildings that have been constructed in 2008 and completed. The buildings consists the departments and divisions of the complex, the barracks for the officers and individuals of the shifts duties, and service facilities for cars to serve the government of Dubai Police. The project provides services for inspection and maintenance and repairs necessary for police vehicles, as well as to ensure the efficiency and continuity.

Project Elements:

  • The main administration building, which consists of ground floor and first contains the different sections of offices, meeting rooms, police offices, waiting rooms, Visitors Classroom, Men's and Women's Mosque, theater and other services..
  • The transportation and parking vehicles building, consists of ground floor and the first, contains sections for administration offices, a restaurant and kitchens with health facilities as well as offices..
  • Shift duty building consists of ground floor and first floor, contain sleeping rooms for the officers, supplements facilities, break rooms and meeting rooms..
  • Building for sports training center consists of ground floor with a hall for physical training room and sauna room, baths and sanitary facilities and an outdoor swimming pool for training..
  • Helipad which was carried out according to the standards of safety, security regulations, and according to specifications of the Aviation Authority..
  • Diagnostic bays building consists of an office building with a vehicle inspection station.
  • Quick service Building station for vehicles consists of an office building with the station to change oil and filters for vehicles..
  • Station for washing and cleaning vehicles consists of several outlets car wash and cleaning mechanically and manually..
  • Scrap yard which consists of an open fenced yard for assembly of materials consumed and the affected vehicles..
  • The general site works and the infrastructure of roads and parking for vehicles..
  • General site work and infrastructure work, landscape work..

End User:

Dubai Police General H.Q

Built-up area:

134,474 Square Meters​

Project Completion Date:



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