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Project Location:

​Al Rowaia Third​

Project Objective:

The project aims to contribute to the revitalization of the economic movement, saving time and effort on traders and consumers at the same time, and offering a new service to the community and companies specializing in those areas reflect the civilization of the city of Dubai in all fields and specialties of the various. It will also be the project facility service- sophisticated world-class in one place, and works to achieve high levels of satisfaction, and provide services more efficiently. Also to achieve the strategic directions for the municipality of seeking to preserve the environment by increasing the aesthetic appearance, and beautify the city, and address the phenomena unacceptable resulting from the proliferation and indiscriminate distribution of shows trucks, heavy equipment and auto parts, which affect the public health and safety.

Project Elements:

The main building, which will include various services relevant government departments in this sector, where the project will compile everything, related machinery and equipment, cranes, trucks and accessories in a specialized Shopping Complex. 148 specialized exhibition hall within each administrative office gallery consists of two floors ground floor and first.• Developed building for business services Includes all basic and necessary for companies, shops and institutions within the scope of the market and also for the visitors to ensure smooth flow of work. General site work and infrastructure work, landscape work.

End User:

Dubai Municipality

Built-up area:

27,625 Square Meters​

Project Completion Date:



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