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Villas in Jeema Hatta

Villas in Jeema Hatta 1 min

Project Location:

​Villas in Jeema / Hatta ​

Project Objective:

Project distinguished to provide the suitable and comfort residential life for citizens.

Project Elements:

The project consists of 11 villas in divided into: (9 villas ground + one) each villa contains 5 bedrooms in the first floor, visitors bedroom in ground floor, Majlis, kitchen, maid room, dining hall, separate car entrance and compound wall around the whole villa, (2 nos. villas ground floor only) each villa contains of 2 bedrooms, reception, maid room, kitchen and dining hall. General site work and infrastructure work, external parking and asphalted roads.

End User:

Dubai Municipality.

Built-up area:

334 square meters for each villa

Developed by edirect


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