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Wadi Hatta Park

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Project Location:

​It is located next to a passageway to run the valleys from the northern side of the city of Hatta​

Project Objective:

To complement the Municipality's plan by adding value to Dubai's distinctive recreational destinations and increasing the green area. The park is ideal for mountain visitors in the city of Hatta and provides a service to residents of the surrounding area to encourage them to follow a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. The happiness of the people and the building of a healthier and more healthy society to develop aspects of social development of a special nature in society for their direct association with the service and development of family life and the development of the environment and communities.

Project Elements:

A main entrance with a plaza and a service building. A high-rise cafeteria with views of the park and surrounding mountains. Hiking and zigzag corridors of various levels in a way that inspires the exploration and movement of the visitor while hiking with seats. Rocky features of natural mountain hills to give a special and distinctive mountain character to the garden. Open barbecue areas and other shaded private sessions with seats to allow families to spend a comfortable day outdoors. A 1000m long and 3m wide track with rubber flooring, where runners and enthusiasts will be able to practice their hobby and are equipped with two areas where fitness equipment is distributed. Waterfalls and natural rocks flowing out of water with a wonderful flow of water and waterfalls and watercourse. Trees and plants that are in line with the local environment of the Hatta region are suitable for the mountain environment and natural green spaces that provide a place to embark on a successful exploration trip to Hatta landmarks and exciting adventurous adventures. Shaded sessions for beautiful family gatherings for visitors to the park and places for trips and barbecue. Two areas are children's games shaded for ages (2-5) years and (6-12) years, part of them will meet the needs of children including the requirements of the Children of Determination, provided with rubber sheets to protect children during movement and play and fall. Metal fence surrounding the garden. Garden lighting using alternative energy / solar energy. Parking areas for the public are shaded up to 80 positions. These parking were used to shade them with solar panels to provide the garden with alternative electric energy / solar energy. Natural stone wall to protect the adjoining side of the valley from seasonal flooding. General site work and infrastructure work for parks and landscape work.

End User:

Dubai Municipality

Built-up area:

1.8 Hectares


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