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Waterfront Market / New Fish Market

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Project Location:

​​Deira Corniche​

Project Objective:

For a happy employee and to meet the increasing needs of employees in Hatta city and to provide the highest comfort for employees and their families within the highest standards of accommodation. Where the privacy of the interior designs of the apartments and the use of finishes to distinguish the interior spaces and corridors in the building, and design the interfaces of the project in a manner of heritage and sophisticated finishes.

Project Elements:

The project consists of 4 residential blocks with common parking at ground floor with a high of G+3 typ. includes 3 bedroom type (35 unit) , 2 bedroom type (75 unit) and one bedroom type (21 unit) General site work and infrastructure work, landscape work.

End User:

Dubai Municipality.

Built-up area:

28,450 Square Meters

Project Completion Date:


Developed by edirect


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